Bryan Burrell

Graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in Business Management and minor in finance. While in college Bryan started his first entrepreneur career in the marketing field 2005. Bryan was mentored from a gentlemen that helped start the companies Herbal Life and ACN and best friends with the late Jim Rohn. With the knowledge acquired from the marketing business venture and his mentors, Bryan was able to become a marketing consultant for various clients while also becoming familiar with producing content for different marketing mediums (internet, TV, radio, etc) Bryan also learned the skill of internet marketing (CPC, CPV, CPA, Blogging, Social Media, and Video), assisted with placing magazine publications (Care2Play Sports and Ballin’ Magazine) in the marketplace. Although Bryan is an entrepreneur at heart, he also has a great passion for sports. He grew up playing the sport of basketball and while in college helped the UNLV Womens Basketball Program. He later followed that with helping the JYD Project, a non profit, and The Vegas Ballers Basketball Club with various basketball camps Currently, Bryan is the Director of Operations for MBA Media Group and the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Basketball Retired Players Association.  

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