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Get your basketball news from the insider who played the best in the game as the “Junk Yard Dog” Jerome Williams brings you the news from the DoggPound. Instead of listening to guys who wished they could play with NBA stars, Login and watch a Ex-Pro who guarded Michael Jordan & Lebron James.

Trash Talkin’ with Legends

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Fan favorite and nine year NBA workhorse Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams, along with his brother Joshua, host Trash Talkin’ with Legends on the Vegas Video Network and The Champions Basketball Network. Trash Talkin’ takes fans behind the scenes of the NBA, with direct insight and commentary seldom heard in broadcasting. Guests of the show include NBA players, past and present.

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 The JYD Show


The JYD Show is a webisode series that gets the real inside stuff on some of the most popular fan favorites experience with Jerome Williams being the host. This is a show that is for the basketball player and the basketball fan. The Junk Yard Dog takes us on a fun filled ride as he takes the fans beyond the red carpet into some of the most exclusive events. Knowing no boundaries, JYD has access to everything basketball in Vegas and is able to rub elbows with some of the NBA’s super elite and other noteworthy celebrities. Here is a look at some of the The JYD show segments that each episode could contain.

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